Order information

When you place an order through the website, an order acknowledgement will be emailed to you. Your order will not be processed (and thus binding) until payment has been made. If any surcharges are applicable (like costs for zippers or other stated in the items options drop menu) these will have to be added before payment is made in full. If you have chosen the Made to measure option, you will be contacted regarding the measurements needed to proceed with your order.

By placing an order, you are stating that you are at least 18 years old. Maebelle Latex does not accept orders from minors, so if you are underage and want to make a purchase, you have to make through and with the consent of your legal guardians

Any additional items required need to be placed as a brand new order and cannot be added to any order already placed.

Privacy policy

Maebelle Latex does not purchase, sell or share data with any other party. Any personal details provided when in contact with the company is treated professionally.

All card transactions are made with a secure third party, Paypal. Visit www.paypal.com for more information.

Latex information

Maebelle Latex use latex sheeeting of the highest quality. All items are hand made with love, effort and passion. The thickness of the latex use depends on the type or garment that is to be made. For most garments and items, latex of a regular or medium thickness (0.4-0.5mm) is used. Items like hats, pasties, jackets and are made with a thicker grade of latex, ranging from 0.6mm up to 1.05mm.

All items are made using latex produced from natural rubber latex. Please make sure you are not allergic to latex before purchasing anything from the site. As the items may be coated with talc or silicone, the consumer must be aware of any sensitivity or allergies to these components when ordering.

Latex care

Though being a lovely material to look at and and wear, latex needs to be treated with great care. These are a few pointers to help you make your garments easier to use and last for a long time.

Latex is sensitive to sunlight. Keep out of sunlight to avoid fading and stains, especially with lighter colours.

Beware of copper items, like jewellery, coins and buckles as these might permanently stain your latex.

Do not use body lotions shortly before wearing latex. Oils, solvent and grease will harm you latex.

Before putting your garment on, see that the garment is well talced or lubricated. Sharp fingernails, toenails, and other sharp objects might snag the latex, so please be careful!

When wearing latex, use silicone oil or latex friendly shining polish to give it maximum shine. Use a soft cloth or your palms when spreading the oil thinly and evenly on your garments. Take special care when polishing applications.

After each use, don't forget to treat your lovelies before storing. Wash the latex in lukewarm water with a little mild soap or Vivishine, rinse and hang to dry. Turn the garment inside out after a while and allow to dry completely. Some latex (especially translucent colours) might get a white and milky sheen when in contact with water and sweat. This is perfectly normal and will disappear once the garment is dry. Do not store latex before it's completely dry! Before storing, treat your garments with a little water based silicone or dust lightly with talc. If you're using Vivishine when washing your items, this will not be necessary.

Remember to remove any non-latex lacing (satin, organza etc) prior to washing your latex garment, as any oils and grease may stain it. Re-lace when completely dry.

Store latex in a dark place, out of sunlight an at normal room temperature. Is it advisable to use plastic bags or something similar to keep your garments in when not in use. When storing lighter or garments with contrasting color latex (such as black and white), please keep the colours separate with tissue paper or a piece of cloth. Any metal buttons in the garment will stain the latex easily, so wrap these carefully and separately when the garment is not in use.


All items on the website are inclusive of 25% VAT where applicable.

The prices on the website is subject to change. If a pricing quote has been given to you regarding any item, this is only meant to act as a guideline and the price may only be valid at that specific time.


Payment is accepted in Swedish kronor only. Prices may also be shown in euro, punds sterling or any other currency only to act as a guideline. Please check current currency conversion rates at www.xe.com All payments are made with Paypal. Paypal is a secure and trusted service, enabling payment with your debit card, credit card, bank account or Paypal balance without revealing sensitive financial information to the receiver. The service is free and can be used with or without a Paypal account. Please visit www.paypal.com for more information. Payments will be made to Navalith (with no mention of Maebelle Latex) for your discretion.

Your order will be processed when cleared payment is received.

All orders are to be fully paid before the garment is made (or dispatched for ready made items).


Once the order has been processed, it cannot be canceled. Order acknowledgements can be cancelled if the buyer hasn't been notified about it being processed prior to cancelling it. In the event of Maebelle latex not being able to perform it's side of the contract, the consumer will be informed and given the option of cancelling the contract.

Delivery and postage

Unless stated specifically, all items are made to order. Customers will be provided with an approximate time for dispatch, which may vary as all colours or other material might not be in stock when the order is placed. In the event of an slight delay in you order, Maebelle will notify you directly.

In most cases, up to four weeks is expected for in stock material, and approximately eight weeks when additional materials and colours not in stock are required. If you need an item for a particular date, please notify this by email prior to ordering. These time frames are calculated from when the order is accepted by Maebelle Latex until the order is dispatched. Please read further down below for delivery times estimated by the respective companies. Rush orders may be subject to an additional charge.

All orders are delivered by Swedish Posten. All orders are fully insured and provided with a tracking number.

Please make sure the delivery adress you leave at checkout is the same as stated in your Paypal account. If the addresses differ, the one provided through Paypal will be used.

Delivery charges are not included in the prices on the website, and are as follows:

    Sweden: 50 SEK
    Europe: 150 SEK
    Rest of the world: 200 SEK

If the package returns unclaimed, full postage will be charged before the item is sent out again. Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery within Sweden, 5-7 working days for orders within Europe, and 6-8 working days for the rest of the world. This is recommended by the delivery company and not in the control of Maebelle Latex.

Maebelle latex is not responsible for any import duties charged to the buyer. Please check if your country is subject to these duties before ordering.


Due to the specific nature of the garments, all parcels will be sent without the Maebelle Latex label or name. The sender will be named as Navalith, for your discretion.

Returns, exhcanges and refunds

All orders are dispatched from Sweden. In the event of wanting to return your items, please be sure to state this clearly on the parcel. Maebelle latex will not accept returned goods where customs duties have been charged. When returning an item (unless a proven manufacturing fault), postage is to be paid by you. Maebelle latex is not responsible for any losses or damages made by the delivery company, and always recommends insuring your parcel. Maebelle latex may refuse returns if they are incorrectly packed.

Returns is to be sent to:

    Maebelle Latex
    Bjorn Barkmans vag 22
    148 32 Osmo

Returned goods for exchanges or refunds must still be in new condition, not odorous, creased or worn. Made to measure garments, special orders and custom orders are nonreturnable. Maebelle latex is unable to accept returns on intimate items like latex lingerie, for hygienic reasons.

If the garment is made in a standard size, it may be exchanged for a different size within 14 days (from the day the parcel was delivered).

If you want a refund, please not that fees covering latex colours or thicknesses specifically for your order (not previously in stock) is nonrefundable. Refunds will be payed within 30 days from when the company was notified.

If you want a refund, please not that fees covering latex colours or thicknesses specifically for your order (not previously in stock) is nonrefundable. Refunds will be payed within 30 days from when the company was notified.

Additional charges

Maebelle Latex offers many colours to choose from, but as the colours and thicknesses may differ from one design to another, not all of these is kept in stock att all times. In the rare event that a specific special colour must be ordered to fulfil the order, a surcharge may occur to cover this additional cost.

Other additional charges may be added to zippers and other embellishments stated in their respective drop menus

Made to measure

If you want to use the made to measure option, this is available for no extra cost. You will be notified with which measurements are needed for your garment. Please be sure to give me the right measurements, as wrong measurements supplied by you is out of my responsibility as a designer and will leave me unable to create a correct fitting garment. If you are unsure about any measurements, please contact me and I will be happy to help you. Garments made with incorrect measurements are nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

Custom work

If you have a design of your own that want to turn from a dream to a real garment, Maebelle latex is happy to help you. Any design ideas provided by you are not to be replicated. Likewise, Maebelle latex will not replicate any garment or item by another designer. Images may be used to show color, cuts and shape, but the design must be your own. Please send me an email regarding your idea and we'll work some magic together!


Depending on the quality and nature of your garment, some damaged items may be repaired. Moulded items are generally easily teared beyond repair, but if you have a piece that need some love and rescuing, please send me an email with pictures of the damage and I will be happy to try and fix it for you. Depending on the amount of repairing needed, differens solutions is available. For a precise quote on your garment, please contact me.


Models: If you think you're Maebelle material and are interested in working with me, please send an email to info@maebellelatex.com submitting some information about yourself, your location, dress size, previous work experience and a link to your (updated) website or portfolio. Garments available for lending may be subject to a deposit, which will be refunded once the garments are returned to Maebelle. Specific details and agreements will be thoroughly discussed individually.

Photographers: Please send an email to info@maebellelatex.com with a link to your portfolio, availability to studio or on location services and your location and I'd be happy to look into it!

Other designers: If you want to match your designs with mine, please contact me with as much information about what you have in mind as possible. I am very positive to mixing materials and trying something new!